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Referring Physicians

Dermatology Clinic of Oregon understands that when you refer patients to us, you are putting your trust in us to provide high-quality dermatological care. We strive to treat your patients in the same caring, timely manner that you would. 

We schedule your patient referrals with one of our Board-Certified Dermatologists, or our Mohs Surgeon as soon as possible. 

Mohs Surgery

Confirmed Basal and Squamous cell skin cancers will be scheduled for Mohs surgery if the skin cancer is on the head or neck, or if the site is a high-risk area according to National Comprehensive Cancer Network® guidelines. Our Mohs Surgeon will schedule Mohs surgery for those patients with confirmed pathology, or we will perform the biopsy on the suspected site to confirm.

Once a confirmed pathology report is available, Mohs surgery can typically be scheduled within a few weeks. The patient will need to be scheduled for a Mohs consultation with our Mohs surgeon prior to scheduling the surgical appointment.

We will make patient notes available to your office in a timely manner once the patient has been treated.

How to Refer a Patient to Us

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